Functional Hand Type Prior for 3D Hand Pose Estimation and Action Recognition from Egocentric View Monocular Videos
Wonseok Roh, Seung Hyun Lee, Wonjeong Ryoo, Gyeongrok Oh, Jakyung Lee, Soo Yeon Hwang, Hyung-gun Chi, Sangpil Kim
BMVC 2023 (Oral)

Event Fusion Photometric Stereo Network
Wonjeong Ryoo, Giljoo Nam, Jae-Sang Hyun*, Sangpil Kim*
Neural Networks 2023 (JCR IF Top 10%)
[Paper] [Project page]

The Power of Sound (TPoS): Audio Reactive Video Generation with Stable Diffusion
Yujin Jeong, Won Jeong Ryoo, Da Bin Seo, Wonmin Byeon, Sangpil Kim*, Jinkyu Kim*,
ICCV 2023

Dual Policy Learning for Aggregation Optimization in Recommender Systems
Heesoo Jung, Sangpil Kim, Hogun Park
WWW 2023

ORA3D: Overlap Region Aware Multi-view 3D Object Detection
Wonseok Roh, Gyusam Chang, Seokha Moon, Giljoo Nam, Chanyoung Kim, Younghyun Kim, Jinkyu Kim*, Sangpil Kim*
BMVC 2022
[Paper][Project page]

Sound-Guided Semantic Video Generation
Seunghyun Lee, Gyeongrok Oh, Wonmin Byeon, Wonjeong Ryoo, Sang Ho Yoon, Jinkyu Kim*, Sangpil Kim*
ECCV 2022
[Paper][Project page]

Sound-Guided Semantic Image Manipulation
Seunghyun Lee, Wonseok Roh, Wonmin Byeon, SangHo Yoon, Jinkyu Kim*, Sangpil Kim*
CVPR 2022
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Sound-Guided Semantic Image Manipulation
Seunghyun Lee, SangHo Yoon, Jinkyu Kim*, Sangpil Kim*
NeurIPSW 2021

Audio-Guided Image Manipulation for Artistic Paintings
Seunghyun Lee, Nahyuk Lee, Chanyoung Kim, Wonjeong Ryoo, Jinkyu Kim, SangHo Yoon*, Sangpil Kim*
NeurIPSW 2021

Egocentric View Hand Action Recognition by Leveraging Hand Surface and Hand Grasp Type
Sangpil Kim, Hyunggun Chi, Sunghee Hong, Byoung Soo Koh, Karthik Ramani
arxiv 2021

A Large-scale Annotated Mechanical Components Benchmark for Classification and Retrieval Tasks with Deep Neural Networks
Sangpil Kim*, Hyung-gun Chi*, Xiao Hu, Qixing Huang, Karthik Ramani
ECCV 2020

First-Person View Hand Segmentation of Multi-Modal Hand Activity Video Dataset
Sangpil Kim, Hyung-gun Chi, Xiao Hu, Anirudh Vegesana, Karthik Ramani
BMVC 2020

Object Synthesis by Learning Part Geometry with Surface and Volumetric Representations
Sangpil Kim, Hyung-gun Chi, Karthik Ramani
Computer-Aided Design 2020

Enet: A deep neural network architecture for real-time semantic segmentation
Adam Paszke, Abhishek Chaurasia, Sangpil Kim, Eugenio Culurciello
arxiv 2016

Learning hand articulations by hallucinating heat distribution
Chiho Choi, Sangpil Kim, Karthik Ramani
ICCV 2017

CT-GAN: Conditional Transformation Generative Adversarial Network for Image Attribute Modification
Sangpil Kim, Winovich Nick, Guang Lin, Karthik Ramani
Arxiv 2018

Latent transformations neural network for object view synthesis
Sangpil Kim, Winovich Nick, Hyung-gun Chi, Guang Lin, Karthik Ramani
Visual Computer 36 1663-1677 2020

Computer Vision Lab
Department of Artificial Intelligence, Korea University
603, Woojung Hall of Informatics, Korea University, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul